Beauty, ambience, and splendour are not enough to describe Andre’s Restaurant at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Lovers of French cuisine cannot fully describe the taste of the food presented in the form of cold and hot appetizers, salads, soups, classics and side dishes and sauces. Moreover, all were prepared by the legendary Chef Andre and served by elegant, polite and respectful waiters. Dining at Andre’s was truly a kingly experience.

There is something about the French cuisine that made the restaurant quite popular: the formalities that come with a perfect French dining experience. Those who have interacted with the French culture or who have had a taste of its cuisines found the experience at Andre’s as authentic and inviting, and the staff tried to enhance the experience by anticipating customer needs and making them feel confident and comfortable. But more than just that, the guests loved the small size of the restaurant in the sense that they received more attention from the staff.

Aside from eateries, guests were treated to an array of wines, cognacs, and other after-dinner drinks, with the number of labels exceeding 15,000. Customers could even relax in the lounge packed with cookbooks authored by the legendary cook: Andre Rochat, or have cigars in a private room. It was indeed an experience to have, especially when one wants to treat a loved one.

All these appeared to have come to an end following the closure of the restaurant. Sadness and disappointment appeared on the faces of customers at the very last dinner. However, all these have only resulted in something better. The opening of Andre’s Bistro & Bar is like the reincarnation of the former Andre’s. The new restaurant not only offers the same cuisines and treatment, but now blends in with the American cuisines. It has brought with it the same form of innovation and twists that was so desired by the old customers. Furthermore, the restaurant’s location at South Fort Apache brings a new neighbourhood experience and better happy hours.