Staying at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is going to provide you with an amazing experience that you are not likely to forget about anytime soon. While there will be much to talk about in regards to your visit here, hopefully it will have included at least one meal at the Aureole Restaurant.

One may think that as a restaurant that is part of a casino and resort that it has not gained much recognition. But to the contrary, the Aureole is known to be one of the most outstanding restaurants in the United States. It has gained its recognition as being one of the finest wine restaurants there is.

When it comes to the choice of cuisine, one can expect to find the best offerings in American cuisine. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t fancy and most intriguing. Just to mention a few of the dishes to be found here would be the Black Garlic Caesar which you can start your meal with, but in fact is a meal in itself. Then if you would like a salad that is a bit more on the lighter side it could be the beet salad.

Once you have gotten through your starter’s, its time to get down to some really serious eating with a dish like the Vegetable Lasagna or the seasonal Oysters or perhaps the Crudo and Caviar.

One thing you can expect at this Mandalay Bay restaurant is a grand selection of wine because the Aureole is so famous for it. Don’t pass up a dessert either, even if you have to sit and enjoy the restaurant a bit while your food digests so you can enjoy a terrific selection of sweets.

Once you have finished your wonderful food experience here you will be ready to go back and enjoy many more hours of what the Mandalay Bay Resort has to offer you.