No matter how exciting the casino play is at the Mandalay Bay Casino, you are going to need to stop to eat at some moment. You won’t have to go far because the Border Grill here is waiting to meet all of your wants and needs when it comes to food fare.

The Perfect Seating

Your experience here at the Border Grill is going, to begin with, your choice seat as you have a choice to enjoy your food in an amazing indoor setting or going to the patio where you can enjoy the wonderful outdoor air. The patio is such a favourite choice for many that there are two floors to accommodate this type of seating.

The Cuisine

If you happen to enjoy Mexican food then you are in for a real treat here. While there are many favourites on the menu, you may want to start with their farm fresh salad. The chefs here are none other than the “Two Hot Tamales’, from the food network. So you can just imagine what the many hot and spicy dishes on the menu are going to taste like. If you are looking for one of the ultimate spice dishes then go for the Spicy Chicken Tamale. For something a little more subtle, try the Pigs in a Croissant.

If you are not ready to enjoy an evening meal at the Border Grill, go play some slot games while waiting for the brunch or lunch. When it comes to drinks, it doesn’t matter what time of day you are visiting the restaurant, you are going to find a grand selection of both alcohol and non-alcohol drinks to choose from.

After your main meal, try to save enough room to at least check out the dessert menu so you can say you have had a complete and wonderful food experience at the Border Grill.