World-class chef Michael Mina was born in Egypt – in Cairo – in 1969. He is now a US celebrity chef, a successful cookbook author, and a restaurateur. Michael founded the Mina Group, which is a restaurant management company that operates 18 concept eateries. Michael Mina is executive chef at two restaurants named after him; at the Bellagio in Las Vegas which used to be known as the Aqua, as well as in San Francisco.

Michael Mina and tennis world champion Andre Agassi met in 2002. Agassi was eating at Mina’s San Francisco restaurant when a conversation was struck up. This meeting resulted in a partnership, which would come to be known as The Mina Group. Groundbreaking restaurants borne from this union include the Seablue and Nobhill, located in Las Vegas.

Michael Mina published his first cookbook back in 2006, and since then he has appeared on television several times. It was in October of that year that his restaurants were awarded their Michelin stars, making him among a mere four restaurants with a two star rating in the San Francisco area. This is a reflection of the level of quality he has become world-renowned for and synonymous with. Chef Michael Mina has also received the Five Diamond Award from the AAA.

Michael Mina rejected convention when he created his culinary imperium, and his successful award-winning ventures include his outstanding restaurant at Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. The glam vibe at the Bellagio Casino complements Michael Mina’s modern cuisine which comprises groundbreaking seafood dishes, vegetarian delights and seasonal treats.

Nick Sharpe is the resident executive chef, an up-and-comer of many talents, and he really knows how to bring chef Mina’s exclusive menu to life, using a uniquely amazing blend of flavours which keeps foodies and critics alike returning time and time again.