Most people start their adventure at the Caesars Casino by spending some time on the most exciting gambling adventures and games this casino is so famous for. Then, when a change of pace is needed, or some lucky winners are ready to spend some of their hard earned money, they will head off to the forum shops that make up part of this great complex.

Inside these shops, there is much to be discovered and there is no shortage of prestigious brand names like Ann Taylor, Diesel, or Hugo Boss, just to name a very few. What makes these shops even more intriguing is the fact that they are way past the run of the mill type shops. For those who love specialty stores, they are in the right place. All in all, there are more than 100 shops to greet visitors and shoppers on every level.

After a wonderful shopping excursion such as this, you will be looking for a fine dining experience. Although there are many restaurants to choose from, one of the best will be the Chinois Restaurant. If you are one who enjoys Chinese food then you have definitely made the right choice. This is the restaurant that has the Wolfgang Puck name given to it so you can set your expectations on the higher side.

While the majority of the food offerings are going to have a Chinese flare to them like the famous pot stickers, you will also be able to take advantage of a few European dishes that have no shortage of aroma and spiciness to them.

If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, Wonton or Hong Kong Noodle is a safe bet. This is going to prepare you for what is next to come. A meal of your lifetime.